My baddie

My baddie is sexy.
I feel her in desire,
I feel her in moving emotions.

My baddie has been showered by shame
To regenerate her skin and come back home

My baddie has learned to appreciate her body ship.
To listen to the sensation of her muscles, nerves, inner blood, and bones.
My baddie is self-centered.
My baddie is self-aware.
My baddie sees benefits in encounters and situations,
Flows, within Matter and reach.

My baddie fantasies, so much!
My baddie jumps off extremes,
And dodges in all directions within the river flow.

My baddie gets insecure,
Scared, which has led her at a younger age
To some dark alleys,
Sometimes lies out of stutter,
Sometimes theft out of lack,
Sometimes prostitution seeking self-desire.

My baddie is fierce
Mostly naked

She is glorious, scary,
All that’s in between and around.
The superpower of sensation.

Sensing humans, spaces, intentions, pain, power, and hearts

She sleeps and wakes up regularly, as I do.

My baddie enjoys her sweat

Her given smell
That carries her journey, growth, and being

My baddie’s goal is to expose…
Expose open beating hearts
Expose scared leaping hearts
Expose infinite possibilities

Expose a sphere of perspectives

Expose blind ego into modesty
Expose blindsight into vision

To love, and be loved
Beyond ethics and manors…

She wishes me ultimate freedom and well-being,
as she has seen blood and war, as she has seen some ugly, barbaric days.
She has chosen self-awareness, confrontation, and transformation.

My baddie makes me feel complete,
Sometimes out of control,
She’s full of surprises,
As is the universe that keeps on engaging with her.

I see no point in fighting one’s self…

Even though sometimes I sense her,
A presentation of all that triggers me in life,
We’re still fed into the same stomach…




When I write it, I solve half of the problem

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Perla Joe

Perla Joe

When I write it, I solve half of the problem

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